Gabinete Técnico L & D. Our team is made up of technical experts with more than twenty years of experience in ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING. We offer a wide range of multidisciplinary services and have made projects in all the industrial sectors and services.

A significant part of our activity is developed in projects of clients who demonstrate their loyalty asking for our services continuously.

The way we work is by focusing on getting the top guarantees in:

  • Environment
  • Security conditions
  • Technical and functional conditions
  • Investment economy
  • Time limit accomplishment
  • Economic plan fulfilment

 Gabinete Técnico L & D,  has the following principles as basis:

  • Total independence in relation to suppliers, builders, manufacturers, etc.
  • An income which only comes from the fees paid by our clients.
  • Being technical experts, who are truly reliable for the client, is a basic condition to be successful in our goals.